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 The next Sena-Series Inner Circle free hosting class is Sunday September 24th from 1-4 pm at Beverly Hills Studios!

Inner Circle Platinum and Gold members are invited to join Suzanne for an afternoon of hosting practice, feedback, and career guidance. Brush up on your skills, bring your business questions- this free quarterly class is just for you !

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Q: If I join and decide this club is not for me, am I obligated to continue for any length of time?
A: No, you can leave the club whenever you like.

Q: Is this club really run by Suzanne?
A: Yes. Suzanne has designed this club and is the creator of its materials. She will personally be overseeing and actively participating in all club activities.

Q: What are the VIP/NETWORKING events included in the Platinum membership?
A: Platinum members receive invitations to a  MINIMUM of two VIP/Networking events a year. These are exclusive, intimate social gatherings held at Suzanne's home, studio or office suites that include industry professionals like working hosts, agents, managers, casting directors and other influential entertainment professionals.

Q: I'm not sure which level is for me. What's the real difference?
A: Gold and Platinum members get to participate in hosting classes four times a year, which would  normally be offered at an average price of $200 a class. That's a $800 value. Platinum members are invited to VIP and Industry networking events and have access to additional resources.

Q: When will I start receiving materials?
A: Your first Inner Circle video will be delivered to you the day after you sign up - and you will continue to receive materials weekly for as long as you are a member!

Q: I've never worked with Suzanne but would like to join. Can I?
A: Unfortunately, no. This club is designed exclusively for Sena-Series students and clients. If you would like to become a student of Suzanne's and gain eligibility for an Inner Circle Membership - contact her at to set up a session or get information on classes.

"The best media coach in the business!" - Marc Kamler, Head of Alternative and Reality Programming, APA Talent Agency

"Suzanne has taken my clients and literally turned them into daytime TV stars!" - Blair Taylor, Commercial Talent Agency