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Expert Media Training and Host Coaching

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Suzanne is the founder of Sena-Series Media Training and Teleprompter Training Workshops, and has helped launch the careers of many of today’s television hosts and personalities!

She recently published an E-book, titled,  So You Wanna Be a Host, a complete overview of the hosting industry, as well as a breakdown of the types of jobs and opportunities available to hosts. With a prologue from CBS Insider’s Keltie Knight, a former Sena-Series Student, the book is a must-read for anyone curious about getting into hosting as a career.

In addition to working with aspiring hosts, Suzanne has provided media training to business owners who want to create effective sales videos, and physicians, lawyers, realtors and other professionals who want to become Guest Experts/Contributors on TV.

Suzanne also prepares authors for media tours, trains corporate executives, and offers coaching to public speakers.

To inquire about training with Suzanne, send an email talentcoaching@gmail.com or check out the Sena-Series Media Training Website.

Working with Suzanne

Michael Levine

“I have represented 57 Academy Award winners and there is not one that could not have benefitted from working with Suzanne Sena.”

Michael Levine, Best-Selling Author and Renowned Hollywood Publicist

Keltie knight

“Suzanne changed my life. Every single person in LA should train with her.”

Keltie Knight, Correspondent/Weekend Anchor, The Insider

Dr Drew Wordon

“Suzanne Sena is the ‘Pro’s Pro’. She  elevated my game with fantastic results. Part of my on-camera success will always belong to Suzanne.”

Dr. Drew Ordon, Plastic Surgeon and host of the nationally syndicated show,
The Doctors

Meghan Settle

“Suzanne took me from broadcast producer to on-air talent in the number one market in the country. I’m living my dream!”

Meghan Stettler, Al-Jazeera Television